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Birthday Parties

The Ultimate Birthday Party

We have lots of exciting activities for all ages, all in their own unique area, all with friendly, helpful, bouncy and fun instructors who love what they do and can’t wait to get the kids bouncing.

All our activities are very safe, some do have an element of danger to add to the excitement but even though our instructors are brilliant at making the activity fun safety is our number one priority at all times.

We can tailor your party to time, date, budget, one activity – multi activities. There is no limit to the number of activities you can do or how many people you bring although some activities do have number or age restrictions.

How does it work?

Have a look through our list of activities (our Facebook page has loads of pictures and videos which might help you decide). Pick as many or as few activities as you want, our most popular parties are 1 main activity and often add one of the mini activities – slingshot paintball or safe archery, archery golf. Safe woodland archery, air pistols – to the end.

We offer a really popular bbq buffet for afters, a burger and hotdog each, crisps and drink, eaten in the most appropriate area on the day – in the heated log cabin, under the shade of the marquee or outside on the picnic area in the sunshine.

Don’t forget the cake (chocolate is our favourite – just saying).

You will need to ring us 01422 240700 or 07377 536494 to book your party so we can check dates and times available, we do ask for a deposit to confirm the booking. We can send you invitations for you to send to your guests, these have our ‘what to expect’, what to wear’, and ‘where we are’ information on the back, we also have this information separately if you don’t want to send out invites.

Everyone in welcome, if Grandad & Grandma, other relatives or friends want to watch the proceedings or join in the afters, that’s great with us, most of our activities have wheelchair and pushchair access and we love to see whole families enjoying each other’s company.

The coffee area and log fire in the cabin is the perfect place to chill out while letting the kids get on with it.

So, in summary, pick your date, pick your activity, give us a buzz and book it, turn up with your excited guests on the day and let us entertain them and hand them back happy, fed and hopefully worn out.

The Ultimate Birthday Party

Our birthday party packages are completely away for the norm, from our exciting activities to our stunning setting, even our dead friendly and ever so slightly potty instructors, your child will have an amazing day.
Recomended Activities
The following activities are available all year round:
  • Safe archery, archery golf, paintballs & slingshots      Age 5+   for 1hr
  • Safe Woodland archery                                                    Age 5+   45 mins
  • Target Archery                                                                   Age 8+   for 1 hr
  • Woodland Archery                                                            Age 10+ for 1hr
  • Tag Archery, groups of 10+                                             Age 10+ for 1 hr
  • Target & Woodland Archery combo                              Age 10+ for 1.5hrs
  • Group and team games / challenges                            Age 10+ for 1 hr
  • Low ropes challenge course                                           Age 8+   for 1 hr
  • Rifles and pistols (max 5 in group)                                Age 10+ for 1hr
  • Go-kart building & racing                                                Age10+ for 1 hr

The following activities are available Early Spring  to Late Autumn:

  • Mountainboarding / Grass sledging / Dirt Scooters    Age 4+ for  1hr
  • Bumper balls ages                                                Age  8+     45 min- 1hr

Why not add one of our mini activities to your party?

  • Safe archery                                             Age 5+                15 mins    £3pp
  • Safe archery golf                                     Age 5+  approx. 30 mins   £5pp
  • Safe woodland archery                          Age 5+ approx. 45 mins    £7pp
  • Slingshots & paintballs                           Age 5+ 20 paintballs          £3pp
  • Bumper balls                                            Age 8+                15 mins   £5pp
Prices for party sizes 1-7
  • We do parties for smaller groups, for prices of groups of less than 8 please see the prices page on this website.
Prices for party sizes 8-16
  • Mountainboarding , Grass sledging and dirt scooters      £13.00
  • Bumper balls                                                                            £14.00
  • Safe archery, Safe archery golf, paintballs & slingshots,   £11.00
  • Safe Woodland archery                                                           £  7.00
  • Target Archery                                                                          £16.00
  • Woodland Archery                                                                   £16.00
  • Target & Woodland Archery combo                                     £24.00
  • Group and team games / challenges                                   £16.00
  • Low ropes challenge course                                                  £16.00
  • Rifles and pistols (max 5 in group)                                          N/A
  • Go-kart building & racing                                                       £16.00
Prices for party sizes 16+
  • Mountainboarding , Grass sledging and dirt scooters £12.00
  • Bumper balls £13.00
  • Safe archery, Safe archery golf, paintballs & slingshots, £11
  • Target Archery £14.00
  • Woodland Archery £14.00
  • Target & Woodland Archery combo £23.00
  • Group and team games / challenges £14.00
  • Low ropes challenge course £14.00
  • Rifles and pistols (max 5 in group) N/A
  • Go-kart building & racing £14.00

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